Cancelation Policy

Cancelation Policy

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As there are only so many spots and hours available on the calendar on any given day it is imperative that we adhere to a strict cancelation policy. You may cancel up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled cleaning date. (A preference of 48 hours or greater is appreciated in non-emergency situations. We do understand that emergencies and sickness do happen from time to time.) Failure to cancel within 24 hours via a phone call only, not a text message or email will cause me to bill you for a full cleaning. 

Also, each of you, our valued clients has a designated date and time that is set aside for you on our calendar. In the event that you cancel and we are not able to fit you into the schedule before you’re next scheduled cleaning you will be charged accordingly for the extra time needed at your next cleaning. 

Thank you for understanding that time is money and we greatly appreciate your business here at A Step Above Cleaning Co. 

I understand that I will be charged for a full cleaning if I fail to cancel within 48 hours of my scheduled cleaning. 


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