Service Contract

Service Contract


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This contract is made between________________________________, hereafter known as the Client) and A Step Above Cleaning, (hereafter known as the Contractor.) The Client desires to have certain cleaning, housekeeping, and/or janitorial services, described below, performed upon the Client’s premises located at__________________________________________________ Therefore, the parties hereby agree as follows: 

  1. Client shall grant A Step Above Cleaning access to the inside of the above stated address and its surroundings during regularly scheduled cleaning times as agreed upon by both parties either with a key, security code entry or by other means. 
  2. If A Step Above Cleaning is not able to enter the premises on a regularly scheduled cleaning date and time the client will be billed for the entire cleaning. 
  3. A Step Above Cleaning shall supply all necessary cleaning supplies. 
  4. A Step Above Cleaning shall use only Brightly Green and other natural plant based cleaners as needed unless otherwise requested by the client. 
  5. Payment shall be due to A Step Above Cleaning at time of service. A 24 hour grace period will be in effect for payment in full once the client has been billed. After the initial 24 hour grace period, a charge of $25/ day will be added.  See service estimate for payment amount as well as preferred cleaning schedule. 
  6. Services to be performed by Contractor are agreed upon in the service estimate. Contractor shall begin performing services on ____/____/_____
  7. Either party may terminate this agreement with written notice to the other party. Any payment for services rendered by Client shall be due and payable at the time this agreement is terminated.


In witness to their agreement to these terms, the Client and Contractor affix their signatures. 

____________________________________       _________________________________________

Clients signature, date Contractor’s signature, date

____________________________________       __________________________________________

Client’s street address, City, State, Zip Code         Contractor’s business address, City, State, Zip Code